Lacking volunteers, Lakehead voters lose lone polling place

Registered voters in Lakehead will not have a polling place for the first time in years.

All 350 registered voters in the town will not be able to go to the Lakehead Lions Club like they usually do to vote.

"People who used to work as poll workers decided to retire this year," said Shasta County Clerk Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling Allen.

So, the elections office decided to close the Lakehead polling place and send all the voters a mail-in ballot.

Lions Club member Richard Sealana said he knows there's people in the community willing to volunteer. He said they just didn't know about it.

"We hadn't heard from anyone else who wanted to work in that precinct," Allen said. "We did hear from people after we decided to close it for June."

By the time volunteers came forward, it was too late.

"We've already mailed everyone ballots and it doesn't make sense managing tax dollars to pay for ballots going out and also pay poll workers to work as well," Allen said.

"The word I got was that it was a miscommunication, and we already are set up to host the November election polling place here at the Lions Club," said Sealana.

For this election, residents in Lakehead can either mail in their ballot without paying for postage, drop off their ballot at a nearby polling place like the one in Mountaingate at 14508 Wonderland Blvd., or drop if off at any of the four drop boxes. The boxes are at Redding City Hall, Redding Elections Office, Anderson City Hall, and the Shasta Lake Community Center.

Come November, the Lakehead Lions Club will be back open for the election.

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