Local winery aiming to attract locals and tourists with new tasting room


REDDING, Calif. - A Northstate winery is opening a second tasting room on one of the busiest streets in Redding, hoping to attract tourists and be more convenient for local guests. 

Mimi and Marty Moseley own Moseley Family Cellars in Redding. The Moseley family aims to reflect the local culture and natural beauty of Redding in their wines. On December 26, Mimi welcomed guests at their new location at 2158 Hilltop Drive. Mimi added that as a family tasting room, they are partnering with other local spots like Escape Redding and their friends at Redding hotels across the street.

Moseley's is setting their atmosphere as a place for people to broaden their horizons and their palates, because choosing just one wine isn't her thing.  

"You know I have a lot of favorites," Mimi said. "It's sort of like, which child calls you on a certain day and just surprises you. Wines are like that." 

Their wines range from your everyday bottle to their "Legacy" collection, which they started by naming the vintage after someone in Redding whom they believe has left a legacy. Their first is named after Chris and Erin Resner, owners of Dutch Brothers Coffee.

No matter which varietal the Moseley's choose to crush, Mimi said their grapes come from areas  known for their rich wine country. Even the chardonnay at Moseley's is a cousin to the most loved Rombauer grapes. 

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