Update: Logan's Roadhouse in Redding reopens following attic fire


    Update as of Wednesday, January 9:

    Logan's Roadhouse in Redding has reopened following a fire in the attic Monday night.

    According to a statement from J&A Food Service Inc., the company that owns Logan's Roadhouse, the quick reopening was made possible by the help and teamwork of the local community.

    "We are very grateful for their hard work and support. Thank you to the community for your patience, we are thrilled to be serving you once again."

    Original Story:

    Logan's Roadhouse in Redding will be closed until further notice after the restaurant filled with smoke Monday night, forcing everyone to evacuate.

    A manager at the restaurant said that it was a normal day when all of a sudden the restaurant filled with smoke.

    Everyone in the restaurant was evacuated and when they got outside the manager says they saw flames in the attic.

    The manager said the restaurant would be closed for at least a couple days for repairs.

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