Man threatens police with water bottle, claims he has a gun

Redding Police Department officers on the ground and CHP officers in the air work together in the arrest of Luke Salyers, 29, near Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Redding. The Redding man told police he had a gun before being subdued and charged with resisting or delaying an officer and assault on a police officer, Thursday, January 11, 2018. (Photo: Adam McAllister/KRCR)

A Redding man threatened police with a water bottle he claimed was a handgun, engaging officers in an altercation before his arrest.

RPD arrested Luke Salyers, 29, on charges of resisting or delaying an officer and assault on a police officer.

According to a news release, Redding Police Department police officer Eva Smith saw a man acting suspiciously behind the Lowe's Home Improvement store on Cypress Avenue, around 7:40 p.m. Thursday night. She was later flagged down by citizens saying the man was acting "odd."

According to Sgt. Danny Smetak at the scene, when Smith tried to make contact with Salyers, he began speaking incoherently and became angry and aggressive.

The man then told the officer he had a gun before walking away into a wooded area. As other officers assisted, police attempted to contact Salyers and the man charged towards them, stating he had a gun. According to RPD, at one point Salyers took a shooting stance with a water bottle in his hand.

Realizing the man did not have a weapon, officers attempted to subdue Salyers with a Taser, which was noneffective. Officers eventually tackled Salyers to the ground, as he punched and fought with police. Salyers and an officer suffered minor injuries during the arrest.

According to RPD, as the suspect was being booked into Shasta County Jail Thursday night he initially refused to speak to officers or give his name.

The Redding Police Department was assisted by a C.H.P. helicopter in the apprehension of Salyers.

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