Man returns home to find guns, ammo stolen


BELLA VISTA, Calif. - Deputies are looking for help to identify the suspects in a home burglary where firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were stolen.

It happened in the 11000 block of Mae Lane near Bella Vista.

The owner of the home says he was in the Bay Area for the week. He returned on Saturday to his door broken open.

He said over 50 guns were stolen along with knives and ammunition. He's a hunter that has hunted all over the country. He spent 35 years collecting his guns. Some of which were gifts from relatives that have since passed away. 

Three gun safes were taken, several handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of rounds of live ammunition were stolen, according to deputies. 

The owner thinks the burglars may have been in the house before. They passed several items that were of value and went straight for the guns. Two of the safes were bolted to the floor, but that didn't stop them. He said "them" because he believes no one could have carried so much by themselves. 

Whoever it was, one gun was dropped and fell underneath something. So for now, he still has protection.

He cooperated with the Sheriff's Department and gave all the serial numbers and registration papers required. The sergeant on the case is hopeful the numbers will help get the guns back.

The sergeant asks the public to be on the lookout. If you notice anyone who recently came into a large amount of guns, contact the Shasta County Sheriff's Office at (530) 245-6025.

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