More loot found after arrest of suspected credit card thieves

Paola Jerez-Huerta/ Camila Fernandez

Redding police followed up the arrest of two women charged with racking up fraudulent credit card charges, uncovering fake identification cards and thousands of dollars of additional suspected stolen items.

Camila Fernandez, 25, and Paola Jerez-Huerta, 29, both from Chile, are charged with compiling $10,000 in fraudulent charges on stolen credit cards and stealing approximately $6,000 in cash.

Originally arrested January 19 after Redding woman Elisa Bearden's wallet was stolen, police learned the identity of Jerez-Huerta, who had identified herself as Julietta Smith at the time.

Bearden's credit card companies sent her notifications that the cards were being used, and police eventually arrested the two. During the ensuing investigation, police found approximately $10,000 in suspected stolen items, including over $1,600 cash and other property belonging to Bearden.

According to RPD, the recovered merchandise included dozens of clothing items with price tags and electronic security devices still attached, including 15 pairs of American Eagle jeans. They also recovered 36 bottles of men’s and women’s fragrances along with seven Apple watches and designer clothing. One pair of Versace shoes police found still displayed a price tag of $1,095.

Officers also uncovered another fake ID card associated with Jerez-Huerta, equipment used to created fake identifications and evidence that the two women were shipping allegedly stolen items to Chile on a regular basis.

The pair remain in custody at the Shasta County Jail for a number of charges associated with identity theft, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

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