Motorists travel with caution during annual mudslides on Highway 299 in Trinity County

    With wet conditions, there are bound to be mudslides on state routes and on Highway 299 in Trinity County it is no stranger rocky and muddy roads.

    With wet conditions, there are bound to be mudslides on state routes and on Highway 299 in Trinity County, local drivers are no stranger rocky and muddy roads.

    Caltrans said motorists should anticipate traffic delays on State Route 299 west of Junction City in Trinity County due to a massive rock and mudslide that has covered part of a lane on the highway.

    Caltrans spokeswoman Lupita Franco said contractors were hired to help Caltrans with the project and they were out on Sunday helping vehicles pass the lane safely.

    "There's a contractor working 24/7 in that area west of Weaverville. Several weeks ago there were a couple of slides which is not unusual and that prompt us to create an emergency project and the contractor decided that it was important to do it 24/7 with minimum delays."

    Crews were there making sure the one-way lane flow of traffic was safe for vehicles to pass through with only a minute or two delay on Sunday.

    Those traveling to the coast said this is not their first time encountering mudslides on the highway.

    "I mean it’s just one of those things that you incorporate in your travel plans around here. It’s pretty common. Especially I grew up in Northern California and the roads are just kind of like this in winter conditions it’s better prepared to have some stops and be prepared for slides," Kevin McGeoch from Eureka said.

    "It's just the matter of where it's going to be more than anything else. You just don't know, it's going to slide somewhere. [Highway] 299, 36, 199 there's going to be a slide on every single one " Zack Cartee said from Humboldt heading back home.

    He said he has lived in Humboldt for four years and experienced around 20-30 slides.

    "There was one year that, I don't know if it was last year of the year before but there was literally one way in or out of Humboldt. There was 199 was shut down, 101 was shut down, 36 was shut down and 299 was shut down so we're literally pretty much stuck because of the slide that were on every single artery, in or out of Humboldt," Cartee said.

    Franco said the estimated time of how long the road work will continue will take a few months however she said crews are working around the clock.

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