Mother of murder suspects believes her children are innocent

A 25-year-old murder case was reopened this week in Redding after a man confessed to playing a role in the stabbing of Frank McAlister.

With the confession, the case was reopened by the Redding Police Department and three people were arrested, the man who confessed Brian Hawkins, along with a sister and brother pair Curtis and Shanna Culver.

Hawkins and Curtis Culver appeared in court on Friday. Shanna did not appear because she was a juvenile when the murder happened and will start the court process in the juvenile courts.

The Culver's mother, Marcia Keel, was in court to support Curtis and later spoke about the charges her children are facing.

"They're just wrong, they're just wrong," Keel said. "I don't know why Brian would do this, but I know my children would never do this. Never. My son does not have a mean bone in his body and Shanna's like the most delightful young lady you could ever meet. I just, I don't understand it."

Keel said she remembers the day of Frank McAlister's murder and she insists her children had no part in it. She doesn't believe Hawkins did, either.

"Anybody who knows them knows that this is beyond [them]. I don't even believe that Brian did it," Keel said. "I think he wants his minute of fame or something and he's going about it the wrong way. He's been living under a bridge. He's dirty and unkempt because he's desperate and I think he wanted somewhere warm to live not knowing that he could end up with the death penalty over this."

She said Hawkins was dating Shanna at the time of the murder adding that he was obsessed with her to the point they had to move to Happy Valley to escape him.

Keel believes Curtis confessed to being at the scene of the murder and throwing a rock at McAlister's head because he was convinced to lie.

"I don't believe that at all," Keel said. " What I believe is they said 'if you say this we are going to let your sister go' and he would do anything to save his sister. She's got four children and two grandchildren. You know, I mean nobody wants to see this happen to our family."

Hawkins and Curtis will be back in court next week. No bail was set for them.

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