Police: "Bizarre" foot pursuit turns violent, ends in arrest


REDDING, Calif. - The headline of this article has been changed to reflect new information that we've learned about this incident. The man was never naked.

Police arrested a man near Planet Fitness in Redding, after he led them on what they described as a "bizarre" foot pursuit that turned violent. 

At approximately 11:09 p.m. a police officer responded to the North Bechelli River Trail Access, after getting reports of a reckless motorcycle in the area. The officer said the motorcycle did not have plates, so he conducted a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Robert Parker Milton, 27. The officer said Milton displayed bizarre behavior and would not follow instructions. The officer was alone because all other officers were responding to an armed robbery and stabbing in the area.

Milton allegedly fought with the officer and ran away. Police said he crossed Interstate 5 and was spotted at Motel 6 on Hilltop before being located in front of Planet Fitness.

Several officers responded to Planet Fitness and tried to apprehend Milton. They said he ran inside the fitness center and came out, where witnesses, along with officers on scene say Milton took off his jacket and then his sweatshirt, "squaring up" to an officer like he was going to fight him.

Milton was said to have punched officers and at one point tried to grab one of their batons. He was struck with batons and sprayed with pepper spray before allegedly running again, this time to the parking lot in front of Sportsman's Warehouse. 

Officers deployed K-9 Officer Njord, who apprehended Milton in the parking lot. Milton allegedly punched Njord several times before he was arrested.

He was transported to Shasta Regional Medical Center for treatment of the dog bite. Officers on scene believe Milton was under the influence of drugs and are waiting on a blood test for results.

Milton was booked into the Shasta County Jail for DUI, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. Court documents show this is Milton's second arrest, leading to jail time for reckless driving. He was arrested back in April 26, 2015 on a misdemeanor for it. 

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