Neighbor reacts to Happy Valley murder investigation


A Shasta County man is facing murder charges, after deputies say he shot his friend during an argument, Wednesday night.

It all started when deputies were called out to the area of Happy Valley Road and Majestic View Drive, around 5 o'clock Wednesday evening.

That's where Shasta County Sheriff's deputies said they met 34 year-old Michael Patrick Brian O'Connell, outside his home.

They said he admitted to shooting his roommate with a shot-gun, after getting into an argument over an unknown topic.

Inside the home, deputies found the victim dead, with a shot-gun wound to the torso.

After an investigation, deputies arrested O'Connell and booked him into the Shasta County Jail, for murder.

We took a look into his criminal history, to see if he had a history of violent tendencies.

It turns out, up until now, O'Connell has never been convicted of a felony crime in the county, violent or otherwise. However, records show he has received several misdemeanors over the last 4-years, including two that were violent in nature, but ultimately dismissed, and one DUI.

Outside the home on Thursday, emotions were running high, as friends of the deceased cleaned out the now empty home.

They asked not to talk, but one neighbor did say the incident came as a total surprise.

He said he knew both O'Connell and the victim and never had any issues with them.

He also said he didn't hear anything unusual that night.

In fact, he said he only met O'Connell a few times in passing and he seemed like a nice guy.

As for the deceased, he said he had just met for the first time a few days ago.

"The guy that's deceased, I think I met him for the first time, when I gave him a ride from the store the other day, back down here. That was about it," the neighbor said.

"Did he seem pretty nice?"

"Yeah he seemed like a nice guy too. So I was really surprised they were having problems over there," the neighbor said.

The neighbor added, the only time he ever heard the men at the house, was when they were playing music on the radio.

O'Connell will be arraigned for the murder at 1:30 Friday afternoon, at Shasta County Superior Court.

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