New company leasing the old Raley's building


A new leasing company is now working to get the spot filled where Raley's Grocery was located on Hartnell Ave. in Redding.

The new owners of the Cobblestone shopping center said the bank owned the property until early this year when the Sacramento based leasing company, Ethan Conrad Properties, bought it.

They spruced up the exterior and Friday were giving tours to potential tenants.

While they work to fill the largest space, they are giving connecting tenants a 30 percent discount.

Raley's moved out in 2014 and the property has sat empty, since.

The leasing agent, Chase Burke, thinks with the new multi-million dollar Dignity Health Wellness Center and all the possibilities of new tenants, the shopping center is going to liven up throughout this year.

"We've got a proven track record in Sacramento of doing these value ad remodels and filling in these anchor spaces and turning around shopping centers," Burke said. "So, I don't see this being any different and for all of the reasons we discussed including the hospital, the property in this area has some promising things about it and it's been established for quite a while so we think that with the right ownership, with the right energy, we'll turn it around and get it leased in no time."

The company hopes to get the spots filled in the next six months to a year.

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