New methods to be implemented to ensure safe drinking water in Redding

The City of Redding announced on Monday that they will be implementing new strategies this winter to ensure that ash and debris from the wildfires will not impact the city's supply of clean water.

Every winter, the Redding Water Division experiences an increase in sediment flowing from Whiskeytown Lake, Shasta Lake and the Sacramento River.

Due to the increase in wildfires this year, the Redding Water Division anticipates that the upcoming sediment load this winter will be more than their current water treatment systems are designed to handle.

Because of this, the City of Redding is prepared to stop all surface water treatment and diversion this winter, and instead, exclusively use groundwater resources to ensure safe drinking water is available to everyone.

A temporary pump station is currently being built near Redding City Hall which will allow groundwater to be pumped to the zones on the north and west side of the city.

According to the Redding Water Division, there should be plenty of groundwater to supply the entire city and neighboring water agencies for the upcoming winter.

Water from the Sacramento River will be monitored throughout the winter and spring to ensure the Redding Water Division can make an informed decision about whether to use the water in the future.

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