New MRI machine arrives in Redding, delivered by crane


    A new MRI machine is making it's way to MD Imaging in Redding with advanced new features, unique in the Northstate.

    The intersection of Court Street and Gold Street were closed on Thursday, while the new MRI machine was installed.

    The core of the machine was hoisted off the back of a big-rig and gently lowered through the roof of the building with a massive crane.


    Christine Swim from MD Imaging says the MRI machine is going to be the only one like it north of Sacramento.

    The machine offers a higher weight limit than other MRI machines, an open design for claustrophobic patients, clearer images for medical professionals and a less noisy design.

    Changes Swim says will have a positive impact on the entire Northstate.


    "Right now we are technically seeing 500 patients a day. And we are still booking out about two weeks for MRI's. This machine, because of that turn around time, to reducing those wait times will be able to get more patients in, in a more timely manner. So that way we can serve our community quicker and more efficiently," said Swim.

    The machine arrived in multiple pieces, but will eventually include a plastic exterior around the machine's core and a table for patients to lay on.

    Swim says the several ton addition will also require some remodeling and construction to fit it into the building. However, they expect to have it ready for use by May.

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