North Country Raft Rental offers safety tips ahead of Sundial Splash

Lance Law

The summer heat is in full-swing and that means more and more people will be taking to the Sacramento River to cool off, including those attending the Sundial Splash, on June 16.

This Saturday marks the third Sundial Splash community float, but before anyone hits the water, one company is taking steps to protect the boaters.

Lance Law, the owner of North Country Raft Rentals held a guide training clinic for raft safety on Tuesday ,for his employees and Redding Sports Camp workers.

Matt Pierce, the camp leader for the summer Sports Camp explained how the training will prepare him to protect campers on the water.

“So, I guess while we raft down the river, I’ll be watching over the kids and what not, making sure they stay safe and have fun,” Pierce said.

He said the clinic showed him how to navigate the rapids on a raft and avoid rocks and branches, along the side of the river.

In addition to learning how to handle the rafts, Law said it’s important to remember some other basic boat safety tips.

"Keep your eyes downstream and identify any hazards in the water. There's some submerged obstacles. There's logs, there's rocks. There's bridges, islands, trees. There's lots of stuff for people to crash into. So, you gotta keep your eyes downstream. Be aware there's shallow places out on the river. And you need to identify and avoid those shallow places in the river," Law said.

Law added that boat safety doesn’t just start once you’re on the water.

He said some other important things to remember before you get in the water include wearing a life vest, sunscreen and proper water attire. Law suggests shorts and old sneakers or sandals with a strap across the heel.

Law also explained they’re going to have multiple people along the river, to help protect rafters during the Sundial Splash, on Saturday.

He said the event is meant to make people feel safe and comfortable on the water.

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