Northstate answers call for blood donations to help Las Vegas


REDDING, Calif. - Blood donors from Redding are responding to the call for more donations to help people wounded in the Las Vegas attack.

Joe Ayer, Senior Manager Donor Recruitment and Hospital Services for BloodSource Shasta said blood banks will normally see an influx of donors after a large incident like this. When they first opened Monday people started coming in for regular appointments.

Ayer said it did not take long for the phones to start ringing and donors showed up for walk-in appointments.

BloodSource Shasta is part of Blood Systems Inc. which has a blood bank in Las Vegas. Ayer said after the attack there was an initial call for blood supplies but were fully stocked, leaving neighboring banks like the one in Redding on standby if more was needed.

Karen Jerome is a retired police officer and donated Monday. She said once the news broke she wanted to do anything to help the community.

"One of my first questions was how much is it going to help being so far away and then on one of the Facebook pages I saw was a police department in the Sacramento area all in donating and I'm like, I'm going to do my part too," said Jerome.

While Ayer said the blood bank is good right now he stressed the importance for people to donate on a regular basis to keep supplies full. He added there is always a need for O negative blood, considered the universal donor.

"What we're trying to tell people though is to remember we're trying to manage the blood supply as well. So if you can't come in today, please schedule an appointment for later this week or next week the blood is going to be needed and we want people to continue to come in and give blood and they don't have to do it today," said Ayer.

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