Northstate firefighters laid off for the winter called in for Southern California fires


SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. - Just as they did for the Northstate in October, fire crews from across the state are coming together to fight fires in a "mutual aid" tactic for the Southern California fires.

Wednesday, the Shasta-Trinity CAL FIRE Unit called 15 firefighters, who had just been laid off for the winter, to come back to work and head South. Some were laid off as recently as two days before.

"They are excited to do it," PIO Cheryl Buliavac with Shasta-Trinity CAL FIRE said. "To have gone from being laid off on Monday, to literally getting that phone call a couple of days later to come back into work, it's something that they want to do it's in their nature to want to help and when we see these huge devastating fires breaking out, everyone wants to go help."

Because the people who were called out were previously laid off, there's no less fire fighters here in the Northstate. In addition to those 15 firefighters, hand crews, dozers, and strike teams including teams from Shasta Lake City, Old Shasta, Redding, Happy Valley, and Shasta County have all been sent.

Buliavac said the longest the firefighters can stay on the fires is 21 days, which means there's potential to be there until Christmas Day but Buliavac said they don't think of it that way. Their nature is to help no matter where or when.

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