Northstate gets five new MedSafe disposal kiosks


REDDING, Calif. - Owens Pharmacy installed MedSafe medication disposal kiosks, provided by NoRxAbuse, in five of its locations, bringing additional convenient and safe medication disposal options to Redding, Anderson, and Weaverville.

NoRxAbuse is a local non-profit public benefit organization whose mission is to improve patient safety and to prevent prescription drug abuse by providing tools to healthcare professionals, by increasing public awareness, and by developing viable solutions for local communities. NoRxAbuse, in cooperation with California Healthcare Foundation, donated five MedSafe drug disposal kiosks to encourage patients to safely dispose of unused drugs.

These "safe drop" boxes are now in place for people to dispense with old or no longer needed opiates they have in a locked and secure box where they can't be stolen or misused. Shasta County Health Officer, Doctor Andrew Deckert, says two-thirds of Americans who suffer from opioid abuse received their first doses from friends and family.

Redding Police Chief Roger Moore said opiates are a gateway drug. Chief Moore stated that 75 percent of heroin users start with opiates.

"It knows no boundaries, from the rich to the poor, from the old to the young. It's out there. Last year more lives were lost in reference to drug overdoses than American lives lost in the Vietnam War," Chief Moore said.

Ivan Petrzelka, the founder and President of NoRxAbuse added, "The only way we can resolve it is by providing education to prescribers, to dispensers, to patients."

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office has been a part of the coalition as well. Undersheriff Eric Magrini said it's a different perspective, switching from enforcement to education but they strongly believe this is what needs to happen in order to stop this addiction.

For kiosk locations where you can safely deposit your opiates click here.

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