Northstate gyms not seeing huge new year boom

People across the country are hitting the gyms to start their new year on the right foot, but that trend might be dying out.

Redding gyms report not seeing the huge spike in membership sales the first week of the year like they have in past years.

Most of the gym owners claim that trend has slowly fizzled out.

Instead, the attendance boom has shifted to February and March.

The gyms haven't necessarily lost members but instead seen a more even amount join throughout the year.

Local gym owners say it's likely because people need to recover financially from holiday spending.

Another theory is that people like to wait until the weather is nicer.

A third theory is the internet and its "fitness culture" encourages people to get and stay motivated all year round. Making the "new years fitness resolution" a thing of the past.

Charlie Hauser, owner of the Shasta Athletic Club in Redding, says he's seen people over the years completely change their life, starting with that new year's resolution.

"We've seen people lose incredible amounts of weight. We've seen people come off of medications, stress relief. There's been numerous stories here and elsewhere of people being very successful because they resolved to do something different."

But studies say to start small and make attainable goals. If January isn't an attainable time, anytime is as good as ever.

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