Man with baseball bat shot by police near elementary school

Police confront the unidentified suspect (Courtesy: Crystal Sainz)

A man holding a baseball bat was shot multiple times by police after they responded to a call of him wandering around an elementary school campus in Redding.

According to Captain Eric Wallace with the Redding Police Department, the incident started around 8 a.m. with calls from the Powermart on Lake Blvd. of a suspicious person in the area. A little while later calls came in for a man, with the same description, armed with a baseball in the area of Lake Liquors smashing against windows. Officers responded to the area but they were unable to find the suspect.

One officer stayed in the vicinity because of the multiple reports and how close they were to Buckeye Elementary School of the Arts.

According to Wallace, just before 1:00 p.m., the school called the police to say a man was on the campus armed with a baseball bat. The nearby officer responded and found the man in the play yard area who quickly ran from the officer, off the campus.

Two officers confronted the man at a nearby home on Hiatt Drive where he was reportedly uncooperative. Officers ended up shooting the man multiple times. The suspect was then taken to an area hospital.

Buckeye Elementary School of the Arts went on lockdown around the time that the suspect was first noticed on campus. Students were kept inside until the end of the day.

Students who take the bus were released first, with all students left on campus being kept indoors until parents could sign them out one by one.

No one from the school was injured during the incident.

One man who spoke to KRCR said he was on the phone with his wife while she watched the suspect and police confront each other in their yard.

"My wife called me up and said hey there's five or six cops. Some guy just ran down our driveway and then he ran into the garage. And ah, she thought she thought he had a machete in his hand. But apparently I heard one of the officers say it was a baseball bat," said Gregory Ronald.

Ronald said he tried to get home but wasn't allowed to cross the yellow tape.

A 6th grader who was put on lockdown at the nearby school said she was relieved to see her little brother safe.

"I feel a lot not scared, I feel safer with my dad. And happy that I'm with my brother too and happy he is safe too," said Cherie. Her dad said he was there to greet them when they were released and that it was a happy sight to see both kids safe.

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