Business Owner finds way to stay afloat amid flooding


REDDING, Calif. - A plaza along Park Marina Drive has been temporarily closed due to a flooded parking lot from Shasta Lake releases. Owner of Northstate Drug Testing, Nancee Sea decided to rent a trailer and a paddle boat to stay open. "I just paddle in to do all the testing, and email and fax everybody at the end of the day, and do all my collections here," Sea said. Sea said she was fine with the releases, until it started to affect her business. "When they decide to do it one week and then leave us alone for two weeks, and then do it again, it's just too confusing to set up appointments and to keep your business going," Sea said. For the past month, she has been scrambling back and forth to beat the flooding. "I get here at 7:00, the message says at 6:00 a.m. we're releasing 79 cubic feet per second, and I just thought, are you kidding me? And it should arrive and be finished by 10:30. We had to get the heck out of here at 10:00. That's how fast that parking lot filled up," Sea said. Sea said the Bureau of Reclamation told her they will be releasing water every day until March. "At least I'm prepared now, you know, and not surprised...surprise is a killer," Sea said, "Nothing's going to hold me down baby, I'm going to go to work."

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