Police asking people to come forward about 25 year old case

Courtesy: Shasta County Sheriff's Office

The Redding Police Department says there are several new dynamics to a cold case murder that took place almost 25-years-ago. They are asking for your help to provide any other information about this case or the three suspects.

44-year-old Brian Hawkins, 44-year-old Curtis Culver and his sister 41-year-old Shanna Culver are under investigation for the murder of Frank McAlister which took place May of 1993. The three suspects were the last to be seen with McAlister before he disappeared. McAlister's body was found in Shingletown one year later, in April of 1994.

Hawkins and both the Culvers were interviewed at the time, but up until Tuesday when Hawkins turned himself into law enforcement, police didn't have the evidence to connect them directly to McAlister's murder. The three were, however, periodically checked in with them throughout the years. The last contact with them, about this case, was in 2002.

KRCR sat down with the lead investigator at the Redding Police Department, Captain Eric Wallace.

Captian Eric Wallace confirmed that there is much more to the investigation and police say the details will come out. Law enforcement is asking people to do the right thing and come forward.

"If people can come forward if you have information, whether it be something you remembered or you were interviewed at the time and you have additional information, with respect to this incident, please contact the Redding Police Department. I think it helps the family with closure. And hopefully, that's their motivation, is to do the right thing." urged Captain Wallace.

Captain Wallace also released that the department is even re-interviewing suspects they had in the past.

The Redding Police Department has brought in investigators that were on the case and are now retired, hoping to put to rest this almost 25-year-old unsolved murder.

"Anytime someone tells the truth they take responsibility for their actions and I think that's the right thing to do. People make mistakes, I think this is obviously an egregious and horrific act but anytime you're forthright and honest I believe that's the right thing to do," Captain Wallace said this was Hawkins' motive in turning himself in.

As for the Culver suspects, after constant questioning, Captain Wallace confirmed that both Shanna and Curtis Culver have provided police with incriminating statements.

If you have any information on this case, no matter how old it is, contact the Redding Police Department 530-225-4200.

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