Police: Felon asks officers for directions to drug deal

Courtesy Anderson Police Department

ANDERSON, Calif. - A felon was arrested in Anderson early Tuesday after allegedly getting lost and asking police for directions to a drug deal.  

The incident started around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday near North and Church Streets.

Anderson police said 40-year-old Chris Meng Lee of Redding parked in front of a fire hydrant, and approached a patrol car.

Police said Lee asked them for directions to a mobile home park in the area of two streets that don't intersect.

Due to his suspicious behavior, police asked if there was anything illegal in his car. He said "I don't know" and said they could check and see. Police said they found a loaded handgun in the driver's door pocket, and one-and-a-half pounds of marijuana in the trunk of the car.

The officer asked Lee if he could search his phone. Lee agreed and gave him the password to open it. The cell phone revealed text messages that allegedly showed he was on his way to sell marijuana and became lost while trying to find the location.

A records check revealed Lee is a felon, and is prohibited from possessing a gun or live ammunition.

Lee has a criminal history dating back to 1997. In 2003, he received a felony for Corporal Injury to Spouse and Grand Theft of Personal Property. In 2004, he got another felony for Flight Regarding Special Circumstances. In 2005 he got another felony for Corporal Injury to Spouse. In 2006, he got a felony charge for Possession of Controlled Substance. 

He was arrested Tuesday on a series of charges, including possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of marijuana for sales and driving without a valid license.

He appeared in court that same day. The judge set his bail at $100,000. He will be back in court again on January 16. 

In a Facebook post, Anderson Police Department noted "Our officers are always willing to assist the motoring public with directions when they get lost, however we would encourage the public not to illegally park their vehicles and approach our officers in their parked vehicles. Especially while illegally possessing loaded firearms and drugs."

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