Proposed state budget slates spending for Shasta courthouse

Draft for proposed Shasta County courthouse

The long-planned construction of the new Shasta County courthouse may finally move forward.

Governor Jerry Brown proposed Wednesday a $131.7 billion General Fund budget plan for 2018-19 that allocates to fill the state rainy day fund, school funding, transportation plan. The budget also provided the long-awaited funding that commits to the construction on the new courthouse for Shasta County.

Shasta County Executive Officer Melissa Fowler-Bradley said this is what they've been waiting for. She said it's been a long time coming.

"We were selected and funded in 2009, but we were working on it for many years, prior to that," said Fowler-Bradley.

The proposed budget by Gov. Brown is just a proposal. Fowler-Bradley said it has a process to go through before it becomes official.

"Now what happens is there are discussions in Sacramento. In May, the governor will come back and make any revisions, tweaks to his budget, that's called the "May Revise" and it's up to the legislator to actually pass the budget bill and must do so by the middle of June," said Fowler-Bradley.

With the new courthouse, the project is expected to cost around $166 million altogether and that includes more jail cells and provide a safer space for the public.

"Criminal, civil, family law, all of it's under one roof. So what will happen is the basement of the building will have a central holding facility and that is basically the equivalent of a mini jail," said Fowler-Bradley.

And for the public who believe that the money should go towards something else, she said the state funds are specifically allocated for the courthouse.

"Well, that money can't be spent on anything else. It's designated for court facilities. And if it isn't spent here, it will be spent in another county," said Fowler-Bradley.

Construction is expected to start July 2018 once the state budget is finalized and the courthouse is expected to be complete by the end of 2020 and beginning of early 2021.

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