Redding Airport manager responds to PenAir departure


REDDING, Calif. - PenAir is stopping all flights from the Redding Airport, leaving the airport once again with service only to San Francisco.

PenAir didn't give a specific reason, but noted they were trying to "cut costs." The company said their last flight to and from Portland will be Monday.

PenAir was one of two airlines flying in and out of Redding but Redding Municipal Airports Manager Bryant Garrett said PenAir is a small family owned airline.

"We're sad to see them go," Garrett said.

While PenAir didn't go into detail about why they're dropping their service, Garrett has noticed some difficulties.

"Reliability has been somewhat tough. They've had a lot of issues concerning flight crew. Lots of the smaller airlines are having issues with a certified flight crew," Garrett said.

Garrett said they won't be losing a large amount of money because PenAir didn't have a huge presence in Redding.

"But don't get me wrong, we definitely will feel the financial pinch, and we'll have to look into the exact details of how much money's going to be lost and look for a resolution for compensating for that loss," Garrett said.

He said the airport receives landing and parking fees, and fuel purchases from PenAir.

Garrett said they are looking to contract with another airline.

"We're actually meeting with United Airlines in Chicago this week to talk about, we're always talking about service to L.A. That's what the community wants and it's number one on our agenda," Garrett said.

Garrett said they're also looking at service to Denver.

If you made a reservation for a flight after Monday contact PenAir at 1-800-448-4226.

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