Redding City Council welcomes two new members


The Redding City Council welcomed two new members on Tuesday. Redding lawyer, Michael Dacquisto and local business owner, Erin Resner.

They also said goodbye to former council members, Francie Sullivan and Brent Weaver.

This marks the first time Dacquisto and Resner have held the city elected positions.

Resner has been a do-it-herself business woman in Redding for 14 years.

"I think that I am most excited that now is the time where you can officially sort of get to work," Resner said.

Dacquisto is an established lawyer in the city.

"They understand that there's problems and they understand you may not be able to solve everything," Dacquisto said.

Although they may have different backgrounds, both agree collaboration will be key to their success over the next year.

"When you have a council of five people and you have to have a majority of three to get anything done, it's important that you have different backgrounds and different views to contribute to the mix," Dacquisto said.

They also stressed that public safety will be a priority.

"I would like to start making some progress in those issues that are the big issues at hand and I think one of those biggest is public safety and I would like to begin that," Resner said.

This year they'll also face a new issue: how to make it all happen in a city still recovering from the emotional, physical and financial effects of the Carr Fire.

"At the moment, the city's belt is pretty tapped and I think it's going to take us coming together to have those discussions of what grants can we apply for, how can we get those departments that really need some attention and help. How can we get those departments the help they need," Resner said.

At their first meeting on December 4, they'll be discussing several big topics including a closed session of attorneys about litigation the city is facing and discussing labor negotiations with Redding Police Officers.

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