Redding couple celebrates 80 years of marriage

Margaret and Delbert Wood

Eight decades of wonderful memories and love, that's how one couple, who has been married for 80 years, describes their time together.

Delbert Wood, 98, and Margaret Wood, 97, got married in 1938.

Three children and many grandchildren later, Delbert and Margaret still adore each other and their love continues to grow.

The Wood's moved to Redding in 1941 from Washington where Delbert helped build the Shasta Dam. Just three years later, he was drafted in World War II and sent to Germany.

"She lived up here on Magnolia Street when I went over to chase the Germans around and they chased me awhile too and ended up in the hospital over there," said Delbert.

"I got to chase anyone while he was gone," added Margaret. Delbert responded with a big laugh and a grin, "Yeah, while I was gone she got to chase anyone."

It was only 30 days of fighting overseas when Delbert was injured after being hit with shrapnel that paralyzed his leg.

A few years later, he returned home to Margaret but while away, he always kept her close by carrying a picture of her in his shirt pocket, close to his heart.

Delbert said to this day, he continues to carry a photo of Margaret with him, the first picture they took together in a photo booth in high school.

When asked for advice on how to make a marriage last 80 years, Delbert said, "I learned not to argue with her, she wins," as he affectionately looked at his wife.

"She's always been happy. Wake up in the morning and look out the window and say what a beautiful world. Always had a real positive attitude," said Delbert.

From hiking Mount Lassen, to long walks through their neighborhood to motorcycle rides, their memories are of each other.

"We have been good partners, we traveled a lot together. We used to go to Alaska every year with our RV and spend the summer up there, Death Valley in the winter. So we got a lot of good traveling, been really lucky people," added Delbert.

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