Redding family pleads with thieves to return son's stolen ashes

A family in Redding home found their home broken in to on Monday with items stolen including their son's ashes.

A Redding family came home to find their thieves had broken in and stolen their son's ashes.

Joshua Conard and his wife Anika were shocked Monday when they walked into their home and realized they had been robbed.

"I got home and realized that my back gate was open. So I walked into the back of my house that's when I noticed my back window was smashed out. I walked down to the front of my house and I walked into this. My whole house was totally ransacked," said Joshua.

The Conard's home was in disarray they saw their drawers were open, shoes stolen, electronics and other materials. Joshua said he doesn't care about the material things that were stolen, he cares about the ashes of his son.

"They came into my room and all her jewelry was gone and I expected that then my son's urn was missing," said Joshua.

The thieves stole an urn containing the remains of Joshua's son Abel, who died from complications during pregnancy.

"Unfortunately, a lot of kids with down syndrome don't make it through the pregnancy and he passed away while he was still in the womb. So at 6 months along, me and my wife had to go into the hospital and labor was induced and he was born he was stillborn," said Joshua.

Abel was cremated and placed in a heart shaped urn. The urn was in a baby blue box with his clothes and baby pictures. On the urn, it said "Abel Edward Conard, Forever Loved."

Now Joshua is pleading with the thieves to bring his son's ashes back and they can keep the other items they stole, no questions asked.

"All the stuff, all the material things, I get that. Keep them I don't want them, I don't care, it can be replaced. I just want my son back, just not okay," cried Joshua.

The Conard family is pleading for the people who have the urn to return it to there home on Bonneyview Rd.

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