Redding Fire Department issues winter fire safety reminders after recent storm


    After the snow storm the Northstate was hit with last week, the Redding Fire Department would like to remind people about tips to help keep you safe this winter as well as how to properly dispose of your debris.

    Here are their safety tips:

    • Do not use gas powered generators indoors. Doing so can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death. If you do need to use a generator, operate generators outdoors and in a well ventilated area away from doors, windows and openings into the home.
    • Ensure your fireplaces and wood stoves are in good working order. It is highly recommended that you have them checked annually by a licensed chimney sweep before use.
    • Ensure you have working smoke alarms and an operational carbon monoxide detector in your home. These small appliances can save your life and are the cheapest form of life insurance you can get.
    • Ensure you have clear space around your fireplaces, wood stoves, floor and wall furnaces, space heaters and any other heating appliances.
    • Dispose of fireplace, wood stove & BBQ ashes outside away from combustible decks, vegetation and away from the home. Do not put directly into combustible garbage bins. Ashes can remain hot for several days.
    • If you use candles, do not leave a lit candle unattended. Use battery powered lights instead of candles.

    For those of you looking to burn your debris, or any other vegetation on your property, a fuel mitigation permit and inspection are required.

    These permits can be obtained by going to the Redding Fire Department Headquarters in City Hall.

    You can also take your debris to the City of Redding Transfer Station, located at 2255 Abernathy Lane, and dispose of our debris free of charge until March 2.

    For questions about winter safety, burning regulations or anything else, please call the Redding Fire Department at 530-225-4141.

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