Redding Food Truck Project partners with Dutch Bros. co-owner

Redding Food Truck project construction

The co-owner of Dutch Bros in Redding and other Northstate locations has announced his partnership in bringing a food truck park to Redding.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Franchise co-owner, Chris Resner, will be partnering with the Redding Food Truck Park after an invitation from the founder of the project, Todd Franklin, who is the driving force locally for the food truck court.

Owners, Chris and Erin Resner, have built a very successful franchise business in the Northstate with Dutch Bros and they believe that skill set, combined with Franklin's enthusiasm, will be a winning combination.

Resner and Franklin will have 50 percent share in the park. Franklin managed an eventful summer with his food truck events in the Anderson River Park in 2017 and has been working to open one in downtown Redding at Library Park.

"We're excited to partner with Franklin on the whole thing," Resner said, as he's seen Franklin persevere through some road blocks. "I believe partnering with him holds a lot of value, considering what we both bring to the table."

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