Redding Identity Project discusses city improvements at community event

The Cascade Theatre in Redding, where Thursday night's community event was held.

The Redding City Identity Project hosted a community event at the Cascade Theatre on Thursday evening, to discuss proposed improvements to the city.

Lori Bridgeford, a Redding local, spoke about her goal of keeping herself and the public informed, which is why she went to the event.

She hopes the event will help connect the people of Redding with their local government, by opening lines of communication.

"I'm always curious to see how we can better connect with either city council and board of supervisors, so that we don't keep having these separations, where people can't just sit down together and just talk together," Bridgeford said.

Bridgeford does research for a radio show, part time. She said she's always looking for public information sessions to participate in. She has only lived in Redding for a couple of years, but cares deeply for the community.

She believes many people have deep concerns about what's happening with Redding, especially after disasters like the Carr Fire. Of the 750 ideas for city improvement, proposed by Redding citizens, 10 were discussed.

Among those were live street music, turning local historic signs into public art, and the most expensive idea: a riverfront amphitheater.

Bridgeford's a inquisitive person, and for her, curiosity about events like this one is second nature. She believes it's important to break through the distractions of day-to-day life, to focus on improving the community.

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