Redding radio legend retires after 58 years


REDDING, Calif. - James Albertson, or as most know him "Jimbo", signed off the radio waves for the last time Friday after a 58 year career in broadcasting.

Jimbo and his partner Sue have been on the air as "Jimbo and Sue in the Morning" on KLXR 1230 AM in Redding for 11 years.

"I thought, you know I've made it when Jimbo's my partner," said Sue McLain.

KLXR will be going off the air completely, and after 58 years working in Broadcasting all over the state, Jimbo thought it was a good time to retire. 

In the 1950's, Jimbo's parents wanted him to become a teacher. 

"I was at the University of the Pacific when I just ran away one day and said "I'm going to Los Angeles and I'm going to be on the radio," said Jimbo. 

For his last farewell, part of Jimbo's family came to watch the final show, and about 25 listeners called in to say "goodbye". Some of them were in tears.  

"You become part of people's lives and that's the part I like," said Albertson.

Some of his kids and grandkids were there for his farewell show. His son remembers being able to wake up to his dad's voice.

"I had little secret words we'd say and they'd think they knew I was talking about them," Albertson said. "We had certain songs and they'd say 'dad, ten minutes until eight when I'm going to school play this certain song and I'd play it."   

"We are going to laugh pretty much through the whole show and just that kind of chemistry, it's once in a lifetime," said McLain. 

Albertson said he may return on occasion to be a special guest.

McLain will become the news director for KCNR 1460 AM.

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