Redding residents beating the heat indoors

Temperatures may be sweltering outside but that doesn't mean you still can't get out and enjoy the summer.

With temperatures well over 100 degrees in Redding Wednesday, we spoke with people all over the area finding ways to beat the heat, including the usual spots like movie theaters and bowling alleys as well as some unusual places like the Redding escape room.

Andrew Boesiger, the lead teacher at Grant Summer Camp said they chose the bowling alley today to escape the sun.

"We try to do things where we can stay out of the heat," said Boesiger. "We go to the aquatic center, we come here, we go roller skating."

He said it's a great way to get the kids to try something they don't get to do very much and in a cool, air-conditioned place.

"Yeah, actually today is our largest day we have, I don't know, like 46 kids here today and usually we have around 30, so I think today people knew we were going bowling and they came today," said Boesiger.

Bowling isn't good for just kids though. Addison Icly said she went with her entire family.

"Every week my grandparents take us out to do something fun and this week we went bowling," said Icly.

She said she was happy to be indoors.

"Oh yeah, it's too hot to be outside."

Across town at the Cinemark Movies 8 theater, Caitlin Cortazzo and Denae Meier chose to watch a new movie to stay cool.

"Eh, to get out of the heat and go see the Incredibles. We've been waiting for a while," said Cortazzo.

However, for those looking for a challenge, Jessica Jacobsen at Escape Room Redding said their three escape rooms might be the answer.

"Basically you can come in here for an hour and a half. We have refreshments and everything like that, and it's just a lot of fun."

She said each room is an hour-long and challenges you to find clues to solve a mystery and ultimately escape the room.

But, no matter where we went, escaping the heat seemed to be the hot topic on everyone's mind.

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