Redding residents who saw storm damage may qualify for the Emergency Repair Program

    Photo courtesy of Camilla Delsid.

    The City of Redding is offering an Emergency Repair Program for income eligible owner-occupants of homes and owner-investors of rental properties within the city limits of Redding.

    The purpose of the program is to furnish home repair assistance when a homeowner rehabilitation loan is not feasible.

    Landlords participating in the program may receive up to $2,500 for accessibility improvements in exchange for a good faith effort to rent to disabled individuals.

    The basic eligibility requirements are as follows:

    • The property must be owner occupied
    • Household income must be less than 80 percent of median income for Shasta County
    • The property must be located in a residentially zoned area within the Redding city limits
    • Borrower must have fire insurance at the time of signing a loan and agree to maintain it; the borrower shall provide evidence that property taxes are current; or for mobile homes, that registration is current

    Owners of rental housing units, and low-income, eligible tenants of rental units that need handicapped accessibility improvements are invited to apply for assistance under the ERP.

    Tenant-based improvements may only be accomplished with approval from the respective landlord, who would receive grant monies up to $2,500 for the modification work in exchange for executing a five-year participation agreement.

    The grant is offered as an incentive to install handicapped accessibility improvements to units with disabled tenants.

    To read more about the program, click here.

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