Redding restoration company offers advice on flood recovery


REDDING, Calif. - Aztec Construction & Restoration has been working continuously after the last storm.

Jenna Ingebretsen with Aztec Construction said the first step to take is turn off water and electricity sources.

The next step is for affected homeowners to call their insurance companies and take photos of the damage immediately.

Ingebretsen said it has been a record-breaking season for them, and their crews have been working overtime in the wake of the storm and water releases from Shasta Dam.

She adds they have been mainly seeing flooding due to burst pipes from the cold weather.

It is important to act fast and move belongings to a dry space and immediately stop the water from spreading.

"Dehumidifiers, fans, get your fans going, open up your house, get the doors open, if there's any water damage in a closet or a cupboard, open that up so that the air flow can continue," Ingebretsen said.

They have been receiving the most calls from mountain areas like Yreka, Shingletown and Weed.

If there is not too much standing water on the property, homeowners can use a sump pump to send water to drains.

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