Report: Man kills Redding attorney after argument, suspecting he was mistreating his dogs

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    Warning: Details in the article are graphic and can be disturbing to some.

    According to a Shasta County Sheriff's Office report released by the Shasta County Courthouse, Kody Smith says he shot and killed Redding attorney Richard Maxion on February 12 after an argument and believing Maxion was "molesting" his own dogs.

    The report said that while Smith believed Maxion was in an inappropriate relationship with his dogs, he had nothing to base his beliefs on other than his feelings.

    Police said they responded to 8282 Equestrian Drive around 10:25 p.m. after Smith called 911 and said he shot Maxion in the head three times with a .22 caliber pistol.

    When deputies arrived on scene they detained Smith and conducted a safety sweep of the home. They found Maxion lying on a couch in the front room of the home and he appeared to have gunshot wounds to his head but was still breathing.

    Deputies found a .22 caliber pistol and a .357 magnum pistol in the home. No one else was found inside the home.

    Maxion was transported to Mercy Medical Center for further treatment but later died.

    After securing the scene, deputies took Smith to the Sheriff's Office for further questioning.

    Smith told deputies he had been living with Maxion for approximately two months as his roommate. Smith said he spent most of that day with Maxion and recalled normal interactions such as taking Maxion to medical appointments and sitting with him and watching TV.

    Smith said he had an argument with Maxion sometime after 6:30 that night. Smith said Maxion told him he was going to fail in a venture where he planned to build a railroad and that he was going to fail at being a father to his daughter.

    Smith said that's when he began thinking about shooting Maxion with a .44 magnum revolver or a .22 revolver, both of which he knew were in the home.

    Smith said he continuously thought about shooting Maxion for about an hour and a half. Smith added he decided to shoot Maxion with the .22 caliber after noticing it was on the table next to Maxion.

    Deputies said Smith told them he tried to dismiss the idea of shooting Maxion but couldn't because of the arguments and because of the relationship he believed Maxion had with his own dogs.

    Smith told deputies he waited for Maxion to fall asleep on the couch before he shot him.

    Once Maxion was asleep, Smith said he stood up from the chair in the front room, adjacent from where Maxion was lying on the couch, walked over to the table where the .22 caliber was, picked it up and pointed it at Maxion's head with the end of the barrel approximately 12 inches from Maxion's head.

    Smith said he shot one round and then shot both of Maxion's dogs because they were "like that" and they could all be in heaven together.

    Deputies said Smith told them that after shooting Maxion the first time he noticed he was convulsing and Smith believed he was "fighting for his life" so he decided to shoot Maxion in the head two more times to end his suffering and make him die quickly.

    Smith said he then put down the revolver due to feeling uneasy "because he had never killed anyone before".

    Deputies said Smith then called his mother and told her what happened and then attempted to call his father but was unable to contact him. Then Smith called 911 and stayed on the line with dispatchers until deputies arrived.

    Deputies said several times during the interview Smith referred to his actions as "murdering" Maxion and asked if he was going to get life in prison.

    Smith told deputies another reason why he killed Maxion was because Maxion was sick and he was going to die soon anyway. Smith said he was concerned that he would be homeless if Maxion died and needed to go to prison to have a place to live.

    Deputies said Smith eventually became angry with the questioning and invoked his Miranda rights. All questioning was then ceased.

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