Those who stayed behind warn some in French Gulch their homes may be gone

    French Gulch community thanks first responders on the Carr Fire

    Cal Fire and the Forest Service have not released any information on structures destroyed in the Carr Fire but people of the French Gulch community who have chosen not to evacuate say at least one trailer and two other homes are burned.

    Fire crews are working to contain the Carr Fire in the French Gulch Community in Shasta County. No structures have been confirmed as destroyed or damaged yet. Cal Fire said their priority is the location of the fire, acreage, and containment.

    The damage inspection process is actively underway, but one evacuee said residents in the French Gulch area updated him on the status of his home Tuesday morning, stating the home is burned to the ground. Longtime French Gulch resident Jimmy Stanfield heard news of his home burning down from a close friend in French Gulch.

    "I had a little trailer, a man cave and stuff like that. I lived there since 1974. I logged, fought fire, stuff like that," said Stanfield, who lost his home for the second time to fire.

    He said his trailer was not elaborate after rebuilding from the first fire, which incinerated his house, but it was still his home.

    People living in French Gulch said some evacuees are reliving the same devastation as they did 14 years ago after the French Fire.

    The Carr Fire exploded in size Monday afternoon, demonstrating the same behavior as the 13,005 acre wildfire almost fifteen years ago.

    26 homes were taken by the flames of the French Fire. The Carr Fire burns in the same area of Shasta County at 3,126 acres and 24% containment.

    With wind gusts picking up in the canyon Monday afternoon, fire officials say the flames spread rapidly.

    Stanfield is still dealing with emotions of why it happened to him again but he does not blame anyone other than mother nature.

    "They [the firefighters] jumped on it. I know how hard of work it is and dangerous and I appreciate it."

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