Restaurant and apartments proposed for vacant lot downtown

Vacant lot for proposed restaurant and apartments

The corner of Placer and Pine streets in Downtown Redding may soon get a face-lift with a proposed multi-use building.

The new development is a project between Councilman Brent Weaver and Vicky Keller. She owns Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse in Redding and the owner of the vacant lot at 1701 Pine Street.

According to the meeting agenda for the City of Redding as Successor Agency to the Redding Redevelopment Agency, Keller bought the property in March 2017 for $300,000.

Now Keller and Weaver want to create a 3 story, 18,000 square foot building complete with a restaurant on the ground floor and 16 apartments total on the second and third floors.

Geri Whittemore owns Memory Lane Antiques and Vintage located across the street from the empty lot. She said when Riverfront Playhouse's plan for the space failed it wouldn't stay empty for long.

"That is a prime location right there. It's growing here and more and more people are starting to come back to Redding," said Whittemore.

She hopes once completed the increase in traffic would translate to more sales for herself and fellow business owners in the area.

"We still, even though we been here for over a year, hear people saying oh I drive by you all the time but never stop. So now while they are waiting for their dinner or after dinner they'll come in and take a look at us too," added Whittemore.

Damburger co-owner Julie Malik is also optimistic for the project and said new growth is a good sign for the future of the downtown area.

"If it was a burger restaurant maybe we would be concerned but I think anything that brings people downtown is just generally good. There seems to be a lot of energy and ideas on how to make downtown a place for people to come again. I think that would be great," said Malik.

Weaver said the building will be new and have a modern look, similar to buildings he's seen in the bay area. But felt the addition would be a perfect fit.

"Part of what I think makes downtown exciting is the eclecticness of the type of businesses the different types of building architecture that you see," said Weaver.

The building would also include 16 parking spaces in the southeast corner of the lot. Weaver said parking should not be an issue with the city owned lot next door.

The project will take about 10 to 12 months to complete. Weaver said he planned to start construction by early this summer.

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