RPD looking for the woman who assaulted referee at Enterprise Girls' playoff game

Woman on opposing side throws punches at Enterprise play-off victory

According to the Redding Police Department, along with Enterprise staff, a woman from Oakland High School assaulted a referee Wednesday night at the state play-off game against Enterprise High School.

The Hornet girls took the lead at the end of the fourth quarter, leaving the basketball court victorious with at 67 to 63 win. But the game was not over for Oakland supporters.

According to Enterprise staff, a woman, who they suspect is an Oakland parent, went after the female referee after the game.

Enterprise administration as well as their security guard tried to pull the woman off of the referee. During this attempt, the female suspect began swinging punches at them as well.

Cpl. Brian Torum with RPD said they're working at identifying the woman. The female referee received x-rays Friday morning and is recovering.

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