Safe neighborhoods by design concept explained at meeting


REDDING, Calif. - A safe neighborhoods by design informational meeting offered practical advice for homeowners on Monday at the Redding Library.

A specialist with California Walks discussed crime prevention through environmental design concepts aimed at making homes safer.

The presentation outlined many ways you can protect your home.

- Maintain a clear view of your property by trimming bushes and trees

- Don't park your car or store valuables on a side of your house that doesn't have any windows

- Minimize hiding places in your yard

- Have low or see through fencing

- Have proper lighting at night

- Work together as a neighborhood to watch each others houses when away and alert each other anything suspicious

- Make sure your house numbers are in a place that's easy to see

- Have thorny vegetation around your house

- Use signage that says the "property is under surveillance" or "no trespassing"

- Maintain your landscaping

She also spoke about reclaiming public spaces. She gave an example of a park in Oregon that was overrun by transients. A group of women started doing Zumba in the park frequently, and the transients eventually grew more scarce and the park more family friendly.

Also presenting were Terri Morovec with Neighborhood Watch and Lt. Brian Barner with RPD's Neighborhood Policing Unit.

The meeting wrapped up with questions. Multiple residents told stories about motion lights helping find criminals.

After speaking with other residents after the meeting, one man said he thinks there were some great tips.

"It's our community and it has good and bad elements and it's absolutely all of our responsibilities collectively to work to address that. We have resources available to us but ultimately it's my neighborhood that I want to make sure is safe and protected," Jason Snider said.

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