Shasta County Sheriff believes added jail beds increase offender accountability


The Shasta County Sheriffs Office says the 102 inmate bed expansion at the Shasta County Jail has been completed.

The new beds bring the total 483 from 381 and mark the first major upgrade to bed space in the jail since it opened in 1984.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko says they plan to use the beds for the 12,000 to 14,000 bookings the county jail receives each year.

For the expansion, beds were added by switching from single beds to bunk beds in the cells and new inmate shower facilities were also installed.

Sheriff Bosenko says the beds will accommodate both sentenced and non sentenced offenders.

He adds, this will be the first step toward fixing, what some have called a revolving door justice system in the county.

"These beds mean we'll have more beds for offender accountability, ability to keep criminals in jail, and help protect public safety. However, this isn't the answer to our jail beds needs because there are definitely many more beds that we need to incarcerate criminals here."

"We'll be able to hold more offenders in our custody. So the accountability will rise and we'll be able to hold repeat offenders. Some that were getting out repeatedly and failing to appear in court. So we'll hold them accountable inside the jail," said Shasta County Jail Correctional Lieutenant Dale Marlar.

During the project Sheriff Bosenko also said they upgraded the jail management system software to allow them to book people more quickly, track them more easily and improve their inmate record keeping abilities.

Once construction on the new Shasta County Court House begins Sheriff Bosenko also says they will look into adding additional bed space to the jail, building a new jail and starting a minimum security work camp for inmates.

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