Shasta County residents cast votes with new ballot machines

Ballot machine

After making their way to the polls to cast their ballots on Tuesday, voters may have noticed something a little different at their polling location.

Many voting sites in Shasta County this year are using new ballot counting machines.

This was the first time the voting system has been updated in the county since 2003; it marked a big change for the county elections department and the voters.

Redding voter, Jamie Gray, tried the new machine on Tuesday and said it was a little different than what she’s used to with previous elections.

"They still do the paper ballot and then they had us feed the ballot into the machine so then it tallied the ballot that way, which was a new experience for me,” said Jamie Gray.

Gray also said the machines are easy to use and she loves the experience of voting in person.

On election day, Redding City Hall poll inspector John Livingston explained more about how the machines work.

He said once the voter is done filling out their ballot, they feed it into the machine, the machine confirms it was filled out properly and then it makes a ding noise to let the voter know it’s done.

The polling inspector added, the machines are going to make it faster and easier for the county Elections Department to count the ballots, for this and future elections.

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