Shasta Lake City organization celebrates the new year to better the community


CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - A local organization from the City of Shasta Lake wants to help revive their town by throwing a fundraising New Year’s Eve Party at the Silver Dollar Club in the City of Shasta Lake.

Shasta Lake Creative Community is an organization that aims to foster economic growth, encourage new businesses, and enrich the beauty of Shasta Lake City. Jillian Kern, a board member of Shasta Lake Creative Community, said it's their common goal.

"We are a community organization of common goal entrepreneurs, creatives and artist who all have this main goal of making Shasta Lake kind of more of a close-knit community and reviving new businesses," said Kern.

The majority of members are originally from the City of Shasta Lake, so their goal held a deeper meaning as to why create the organization to help their community. Some members were inspired by other businesses in around town to help revive the city.

"Heritage Roasting Company, this is why they're here in Shasta Lake, specifically for the people of Shasta Lake and trying to see the town revitalized. I've been a barista there for two years. I lived here my whole life and I wanted to move away but I got connected with them and I rather change Shasta lake for the better and stay here than go find grass is greener on the other side," said Creative Consultant, Hannah Townley of Shasta Lake Creative Community.

The Silver Dollar Club collaborated with the organization to help raise funds for the "Lake Re-imagined Project" that they hope will help the community.

"The biggest purpose of the current fundraising is to paint the mural and beautify our space and that also helps sustain our ongoing efforts as we meet with the Chamber of Commerce and we look at other projects we're able to take on. We're hoping to collaborate with high schools and get others, mural spaces like picnic tables, that kind of beautification," said Kern.

They have already started to do mock ups for business in Shasta Lake, all with the common goal to revive the perception of the City of Shasta Lake.

To learn more about the organization check out their Facebook page.

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