Shasta Regional Medical Center gets 7.5 million dollars for inpatient psychiatric services


Shasta County is lacking inpatient psychiatric facilities. Right now, the only inpatient facility for mental health patients in Shasta County is at Restpadd.

But on Tuesday, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted on measure to designate Shasta Regional Medical Center as an inpatient psychiatric facility.

The vote includes a three-year 7.5 million dollar agreement to provide voluntary and involuntary care.

Right now, Restpadd in Redding only has 14 beds. Shasta Regional Medical Center is more than doubling that number.

"I'm super excited because it adds twenty more beds, inpatient psychiatric beds for us to use in our community," said Paige Greene of the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency. "What ends up happening is we send them to Santa Rosa, to Vacaville, to Sacramento to other inpatient psychiatric placements," Paige said.

Officials also say it will clear up the emergency room allowing for more beds. This will allow doctors to treat more emergencies and lessen emergency room wait times.

"The patients that are currently in our emergency rooms now both here and other emergency rooms in Shasta will have a place to go instead of being bottle necked up and staying in the emergency rooms," said Casey Fatch, the Chief Executive Officer at Shasta Regional Medical Center.

It is unclear when the 20 new inpatient beds will start being put to use but the contract is slated for three years to start.

Instead of mental health patients needing inpatient treatment being transported outside the county, they will be able to receive that treatment in Shasta County. This will allow for an easier discharge process as well.

Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency says in Shasta County alone they evaluated 161 people for psychiatric holds. They say the need for more beds is evident.

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