Shasta Co. voter's signatures submitted for water bond measure

Feather River Courtesy by: California Water Service

Shasta County voters' signatures were collected and turned into the Shasta County Election office Wednesday morning, in support of a statewide water supply bond measure for the November ballot, which includes funding for a portion of the Oroville Dam spillway.

The measure is called the Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018, a citizen’s initiative water bond that would provide funding for programs that will support water for agriculture, wildlife, and people throughout California. It will invest $8.88 billion dollars in California water infrastructure.

Programs included in the measure focus on safe drinking water, Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGMA) implementation, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, infrastructure repair, and other water management programs.

Some of the allocations are specific to the Northern Sacramento Valley which includes repairs to the Oroville Dam and restoration of the Oroville Wildlife area, Feather River habitat and Spring Run Salmon.

Former Deputy Director of the Department of Water Resources, Jerry Meral, said $200 million of the nearly $9 billion will go towards the Oroville Dam repair and to make it morefloodsafe.

"The federal government under the federal emergency management agency said they will pay for some of the repair cost of Oroville Dam. We think that will be in the $700 million range, but the state is required to put some money in as well, they'll only pay for so much. And our share would be about $200 million and that's what this bond is for," said Meral.

If the bond measure qualifies, it will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

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