Sheriff Tom Bosenko talks about Sherri Papini's investigation


REDDING, Calif. - Sherri and Keith Papini have yet to make a public appearance, but on Monday they sat down with investigators.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office is a busy place these days with the news media bringing Sherri's disappearance to a national audience. KRCR's Mike Mangas talked with Sheriff Tom Bosenko before they questioned Sherri.

"Investigators are giving her a little bit of time to get her thoughts together, remember that she was abducted, held captive for three weeks, which is very traumatizing," said Sheriff Tom Bosenko, "And often times the human mind will block out things and information from traumatizing events, but if given a little bit of time we can get some more information out of her, hopefully, and the investigators will be speaking with her today."

We only have sketchy information so far. They know that Sherri was abducted and held captive for three weeks by two Hispanic women in a dark colored SUV.

"We hope that the follow-up information that we can get from her today and subsequent interviews will provide more details to assist law enforcement and the public in being alert and watching for the suspects. Of course we'll want to get that as detailed information of the suspects as we could have." Said Sheriff Bosenko, "But that's all we have at this point."

In a statement given to Mike Mangas, Sheriff Bosenko said that investigators had an extensive conversation with Sherri and they were now starting to go through that information and that we should expect more information as early as Tuesday.

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