Shotgun fired at Anderson drug house, neighborhood thanks police after arrests made

Non-permitted living conditions at drug home located on the 1600 block of Pinon Avenue in Anderson.

Two people have been arrested at an Anderson home, red-tagged for horrible living conditions, after a shotgun round was fired at what Anderson police said is a known drug house. Neighbors say they are relieved, as the home was known to be a drive-thru for drugs.

"Drive up and drive out, get your drugs and leave. It's been like this for years and we're so happy that APD (Anderson Police Department) is finally shutting them down," one of the neighbors who was sipping his coffee in relief Tuesday morning said he's watched drug activity come and go from the home from years. He said he's thankful police were able to shut it down.

"This is going to stop a lot, a lot of crime in our neighborhood. That house, they had people go eat in and breaking into cars you name it to support their drug activity and yes everyone this morning is very happy."

According to the Anderson Police Department, officers were called to a home on the 1600 Block of Pinon Avenue Monday night, around 7 p.m., after a 9-1-1 call reported hearing a verbal fight at the home and possibly a gun shot.

A search revealed a shotgun shell in the front yard. After interviewing several people at the home, officers determined there was a verbal altercation and one of the people inside the home fired a shotgun round into the air, police said, to avoid further conflict with people who had shown up.

The house is a known "drug house," according to Sergeant Eric Haynes with the Anderson Police Department.

Inspectors from the Anderson Fire Department and the City of Anderson Building Department red-tagged the home after several code violations were found. Police said the home was deemed uninhabitable due to the deplorable conditions.

"It really wasn't until all the events last night where we were able to get a firsthand look at some of the violations inside of the home which led to code enforcement red-tagging it," said Sergeant Casey Day with APD.

Police found multiple firearms, ammunition and drug paraphernalia throughout the home, as well as trash inside and in the backyard. Code violations included fire hazards, illegal electrical wiring and unauthorized structures, according to police. Officers added that the inside of a refrigerator in the garage area had a thick layer of black mold and a strong odor from rotting food.

Officers arrested two men, father and son, Donald Killstrom, 51 of Anderson and Donald Taylor-Killstrom, 25 of Anderson for a felony violation of maintaining a residence for the purpose of using illegal drugs.

Taylor-Killstrom was additionally charged with felony violations of negligent discharge of a firearm and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

One woman was cited and released on a misdemeanor warrant, however, the other four people involved in the investigation were interviewed by police and released.

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