Small businesses see improvement as local vape shop expands

Courtesy: David VanBuren

ANDERSON, Calif. - Small businesses in the City of Anderson are feeling good about the economy after a local vape shop expanded to a new location.

Big City Vapor started two years ago as a vendor at a flea market and moved into their new building Wednesday.

Owner David VanBuren said the phone was ringing off the hook, keeping him very busy. Despite that, he said added that the move went smoothly.

"Everything was great. We had some great help, great friends of ours that helped out and we made it happen very fast and smooth," said VanBuren.

Big City Vapor did not go too far, the business only moved to the other side of the shopping center. VanBuren said not only is the shop bigger but it also has the first all-vape drive thru in the state.

"We were scoping this place out months ago," he said. "We had a shop in Red Bluff and we closed that one. So we had a garage full of inventory and I called him up and said please let us have this. We're really ready for it."

While some people are skeptical about vaping, fellow business owners in Anderson said they couldn't care less, they're just glad to see them succeed.

Clint Crane, the owner of Next Man Up, is set to open next week in the same shopping center as Big City Vapor and was excited for the future.

"The community really rallies around small business owners and small businesses. I've felt that support myself already before I've even opened my doors," said Crane.

Next door, Penny Grant the owner of Players Pizza and Sports was also excited and saw the move as an improvement for the city.

"I think it's a great sign for Anderson. I've only been here for two months. For me it's a great sign of what my future could possibly look like and I'm really proud of them because they did stay within this complex. They didn't grow and then leave," said Grant.

While VanBuren agreed the move was special for his family and his business, he said he was more ecstatic in his ability to help the community.

"It feels fantastic. We're making a real difference in the community that's what it's about for us. The more customers that we get that's just the more smokers that we can help," said VanBuren.

VanBuren said the drive thru was a big selling point on the new location but not the only one. He liked it simply for the convenience for his customers, especially those that are single moms and typically have to hassle with car seats and strollers for a simple stop.

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