Traffic engineer addresses concerns around Costco construction

Costco relocating from Dana Drive to South Bonnyview and Bechelli Lane in Redding,

With Costco relocating from Dana Drive to South Bonnyview and Bechelli Lane in Redding, there are some concerns that were expressed about the amount of traffic the new location would bring.

"The two developers that are developing this particular project held two public neighborhood meetings and both were held at the Riverview Golf and Country club and definitely the primary items of concerns revolved around traffic," said Traffic Engineer for the Costco project, Russ Wenham.

Wenham said they tried to address some of those concerns in the traffic plan. One of the concerns were the increased traffic that could happen in a neighborhood along Loma Vista Drive.

"We'll see some increased traffic as people cut between Churn Creek Road and Bechelli Lane. There's a school and there's a large church. We have recommended some improvements to slow traffic down to make it safer for pedestrians as well as this end over here to put in a traffic signal," said Wenham indicating the end of Loma Vista Road and Bechelli Lane.

He also said motorists should expect some changes at the South Bonnyview intersection.

"What we did is we came up with two different ways to accommodate the traffic at that location. One is just widening and adding more lanes and a bigger traffic signal and number two would be making a modern roundabout. Now the roundabout would be a dual lane," said Wenham.

The final decision on which option the intersection will look like would be decided by the city.

"When it gets down to the conditions of the approval if the project gets to that point where the planning commission and city council say 'okay, now that you're environmentally approved, this is what you have to build' and at that point, they'll select one or the other," said Wenham.

The project is still in its early stages. Once a final draft of the environmental impact report is approved it will be sent to the Redding's Planning Commission and that should happen in the summer or early fall.

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