Redding film company helps BBC's Top Gear team look for Big Foot

Speropictures produces special episode of Top Gear in Trinity County back country

A Redding film company, Speropictures Film and Animation, will bring fans of a well-known stunt car show, BBC's Top Gear, up Highway 299 to Trinity County for an episode featuring some of the Northstate's best terrain.

Top Gear features star hosts Matt LeBlanc (best known for his role on Friends as Joey Tribbiani) and co-host Chris Harris as they test motor vehicles of all types. Their show often takes them to remote locations, this time into the heart of Trinity County as they are tasked with looking for Big Foot.

Owners of Speropictures Film and Animation, Matt and Joy Thayer, have worked 10 years together, building the film community in Redding. They have produced over 100 animations and productions, one of their most popular short films being, "Lemonade." However, the production set to air Sunday will show their talent in full throttle.

"Fortunately for me, I've been around this area for my whole life. I grew up with a bunch of boys, racing motorcycles and stuff like that so it was the perfect blend of both of my worlds," said Joy Thayer. She noted that the show takes her back to her own memories with her family, especially her father.

While it was her goal to ride in every stunt vehicle possible, Joy pointed out the crew is extremely environmentally conscious, literally covering their tracks in order to leave Trinity County as the beautiful place they know and love.

The Thayers say they were surprised to know that LeBlanc was such an avid Big-Foot enthusiast, as you may find out in the show.

"We live in Trinity County. We see gigantic trucks and all this other stuff, right. But they're like everything in America is so big. So that's kind of what they played on in this episode. Everything the British co-host had was small and everything Matt brought out was massive and huge," Joy's husband and partner, Matt, explained while recalling behind the scenes moments.

The special episode of Top Gear will air Sunday on BCC America at 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Matt and Joy Thayer say filming Top Gear in Trinity County brought the Northstate area a $1.5 million project. They said the Hollywood crew worked well with everyone and enjoyed many local attractions outside of filming such as the Sundial Bridge and food from Road Runner Cafe in Redding.

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