Stuff the Bus: Gift ideas under $10


REDDING, Calif. - Buying a toy to donate can be difficult, especially when families are already watching their wallets during the holidays. However, there are plenty of toys that people can buy without breaking the bank.

Terri Miller is a mother of three. While she said she tries to donate when she can, buying toys for someone other than her kids can get a little pricey.

"Their [toys] are pretty expensive. Usually $50 for one gift," Miller said.

Buying a toy to donate doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. At the Big Lots in Redding, there are dozens of options ranging from $3 to $20, with a majority under $10.

"It's very affordable," Miller said surprised. "Ten dollars? I think anyone can come up with that."

For the tiny tots, there are shape sorting turtles or fire engines for $7. You can also get a pack of 20 Link-a-Doos for $6.

Plush animals will cost about $5, which is less than a Starbucks drink.

Even popular Disney themed toys, like jewelry from the movie "Frozen" can be purchased for $6. You can buy a little girl a dinner play set for $10 or even purchase a classic Barbie starting at $5.

For the boys, Star Wars action figures for $10 and Hot Wheels for $3. Big Lots also has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and remote-control cars for $10.

There are a variety of arts and crafts kits for only $5, and digital board games for $10.

About $50 can get you eight toys, which means eight kids could find a gift under their tree this Christmas.

"I think that if people realize how much it is, then they might want to donate because not everybody is gonna (sic) have a Christmas," Miller said.

To donate a toy to our annual Stuff the Bus toy drive, you can drop off an unwrapped toy to any of the locations listed here.

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